Shows, appearances and speaking engagements.

Date Location Event Ticket
02/02/2018 Detroit Institute of Arts
16/08/2017 Detroit, MI Wayne County Community College District
12/08/2017 Charles H. Wright Museum of African History, Detroit, MI Gil Scot Heron Tribute
11/08/2017 Detroit, MI BFF Fest
05/08/2017 Detroit, MI Sidewalk Festival
29/07/2017 Detroit, MI South West
22/07/2017 Chicago, IL Legacy Conference
15/07/2017 Warren, MI The Weave Shop “Laugh to Keep from Crying”
15/07/2017 Don Was Review
15/07/2017 Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall Concert of Colors
15/07/2017 Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, MI Saving Chastity Red Carpet Premier
14/07/2017 One Mile
12/07/2017 Kresge Fellow Celebration Dinner
12/07/2017 Detroit Youth Day
12/07/2017 Ghost light
08/07/2017 Bottom Line
17/10/2017 Philadelphia, PA Temple University
13/10/2017 Sandusky, OH United Conference for Women
Port Au Prince, Haiti Port Au Prince, Haiti
26/08/2017 Detroit, MI Kev On Stage