Mahogany Jones and aPUREmovement introduce “noturassumptions” campaign in honor of Women

Introducing Mahogany Jones & The #NotUrAssumption Campaign

Mahogany Jones is working diligently to ensure every woman is more than your assumptions.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, March 12, 2017 / — Women across creative and professional lanes are often pushed aside
and misunderstood for being less than they are. For decades,
male-dominated industries have placed unfair expectations on women which deny them a right to expression and wholeness.

Entertainer, educator and community activist Mahogany Jones is leading a charge to help alter that narrow perception with a new campaign titled “#NotUrAssumptions” — with an aim to shatter that elusive glass ceiling that has kept women across all walks of life from breaking into the other side.

Mahogany has dedicated her career to the uplifting of young girls and women via her chosen vehicle of Hip-Hop, using her talent to convey a message of empowerment.

Beginning on March 1, the #NotUrAssumption campaign runs in
concurrence with Women’s History Month. Each day, Mahogany will reach out to her fans, supporters and soul seekers to share their
experiences and how they are proving that they are “#NotUrAssumptions” out loud and in unison.

With the #NotUrAssumptions campaign, Mahogany is calling on girls and women from around the globe to take a photo or video in their chosen environment, adding a tagline stating who they are and what they do along with the hashtag across their preferred social network mediums.

Join Mahogany Jones for this empowering campaign that will inspire the present and future doctors, lawyers, athletes, teachers, artists,
scientists and others girls and women that they too have a viable
voice in society.