Mahogany Jones’ “Foreign Policy” as a US Musical Ambassador

Hip Hop Diplomacy with Mahogany Jones

Hip Hop Diplomacy with Mahogany Jones


“You have something to offer that no one else does. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you fully live out your purpose.”

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MAHOGANY JONES is an inspirational female rapper, singer, songwriter, community activist, and arts educator. I met her through our mutual colleague, Paul Rockower of Levantine Public Diplomacy, after she traveled internationally as a Music Ambassador with the U.S. State Department’s Next Level exchange program and American Music Abroad tour. She tells us about her journey as a cultural diplomat and offers advice on how to find your most authentic voice and use it to impact change in the world.

Themes: cultural diplomacy, music, arts education, women’s rights

Takeaways: “I want my skill set to speak before my gender does. It’s important to expose this kind of work to women, to women of color, to women of diverse experiences… so that other women in other countries know that they’re not alone.”

You can keep up with her work at her site and see her adventures on Facebook.