Mahogany Jones sets the “bar high” at A3C

Mahogany Jones Sets the Bar High for Hip-Hop Artist During Swisher Sweets Showcase

Tyler Mason

Posted by Tyler Mason on Oct 10

It was a great night for the many artists that performed in East Atlanta Village this past Thursday. Throughout the evening, there were several showcases happening along the block, but one showcase, in particular, caught my attention.  At the “This is My Year” showcase, I had the opportunity to see many underground artists with incredible potential.   The show’s line-up included impressive performances by artists such as Pop Dollarz, Omar Aura, and Mahogany Jones.

IMG_3412.jpg  Photo credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services

It was a breath of fresh air to hear great lyrics from a female MC while at the showcase. Hip-Hip artist Mahogany Jones surely won the crowd over with her organic delivery and versatility.  Jones is such a great performer that gives off vibes familiar to Lauryn Hill of the Fugees, and Queens rapper Lil’ Kim. Although there are many similarities in Jones’ music, she is still in a unique lane of her own. Equipped with the skills of singing and spitting creative raps, Jones set the bar so high during the showcase that everyone almost felt bad for the artist who had to hit the stage after her performance.

IMG_3410-1.jpgPhoto credit: Brandon Davis for A3C Media Services

Jones played performed several original hits, as well as performed original lyrics over successful records like “Ready or Not,” by the Fugees, and Schoolboy Q’s “Collard Green’s” instrumental.  During the panel, Jones spoke very highly of her love for Hip-Hop and what it means to her as an artist. She constantly told the crowd “I’m the last of a dying breed. Hip-Hop ain’t what you do it’s what you bleed.” Jones is slowly working to push the sounds of Hip-Hop during the golden era of the 90’s.  It even surprised me when Jones stopped her music doing her performance to start a cypher with female artist Monica Blair. Jones’musical influence can easily be seen within the structure of her records, which are filled with conscious flows and various soulful attributes.  It is safe to say that Jones is in a league of her own.